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Willamette National Cemetery – Portland Oregon

Willamette National Cemetery – Portland Oregon

Willamette National Cemetery

1800 Southeast Mt. Scott Boulevard
Portland, OR 97086-6937

Phone: (503) 273-5250
FAX: (503) 273-5330

Willamette National Cemetery – Silde show

Oregon – Veteran – Military Funeral Honors

The Oregon National Guard is assigned to the Willamette National Cemetery to perform full military honors. Honor guards from local reserve components, veterans service and other organizations may be secured when the Oregon Honor Guard has been previously assigned or when requested by the family. Please see our page on Oregon- Veteran – Military Funeral Honors Program

Willamette National Cemetery is located about 10 miles in the southeast part of Portland Oregon.

At Weddle Funeral Service and Hubbard Chapel we have over a 100 years legacy of helping families in our community, and the same service, respect and compassion also for those resting at Willamette National Cemetery.  Every member of our funeral service staff works with the families we have the opportunity to serve to ensure that they are gently guided through the funeral process. We want the families to know that their concerns and thoughts are listened to and considered. We want them to be able to see value in what they did and know that they did everything right.

We are proud of our history and our we kept facilities.  We welcome you to learn more about our local family owned funeral operations through the links provided in this website.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about Weddle Funeral Service and Hubbard Chapel.

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12 thoughts on “Willamette National Cemetery – Portland Oregon

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  10. I am trying to find the location of my brother. His name is Curtis H Robertson date of death unknow I was informed he had past away. I would like any info you may have. Army vetnaim vet. Thank You.

  11. Curtis,

    I am a genealogist and live in California. The question you ask could be time consuming and tedious, so get prepared for that. Then again, you may get lucky. If you are a novice at this type of research, I suggest you get help from your local LDS church Family History center. They have volunteers there that can get you started.

    Do you have any idea when or where your brother died? Was it the U.S., was it in combat or military service? First, you need to on-line research your brother’s death information at the Social Security Death Index. Google research it and a number of websites like, or or will pop up with the index database. If the record doesn’t show, there’s a chance he may be still alive.

    The SS Death Index Record will provide your brother’s SS# and location of death. 1)On-line search the Obituary sections of the daily newspapers in that location for his obituary. If the death date is more than 10 years ago, you may have to call the daily newspaper to ask where their archives are–typically the public libraries who may have it on microfilm or fiche. Obituaries are rarely accurate but can provide enough information to give you the leads to your next search. They list survivors and next of kin, also a burial site or mortuary. Not everyone has an obituary, depending on where they died and if the mortuary was paid to submit one to the local newspaper. Obituaries used to be free; now they are very expensive.

    2)With a death date, search the V.A. website for contact numbers and FAQ’s and general information 800 827-1000. Choose any option that will get you a live counselor on the phone. They will know if he’s interred in a Nat’l Cemetery. Again, you need a SS# and a death date.

    3)You may also request your brother’s military personnel file as next of kin–if in fact you are. Otherwise, a surviving spouse, dependent child (18?) or his parents may have to do that for you. Go to In case this is a bad address, do a google search and National Archives (NARA) will come up. You are looking for a Report of Separation which will allow you to inter him in a National Cemetery for vets, in the event he was interred elsewhere. The VA Cemetery Scheduling office can also provide you with that information on the phone. There is an on-line form to complete The personnel records division is located in St. Louis, MO.

    3)Eventually, you may also need a copy of his death certificate. With the SS# and date of death, you can contact the County Division of Health Vital Statistics for where he died for an on-line or telephone request. Be prepared to spend $20-$30 for this. The death certificate will have the date, location, SS#, vet status, cause of death, next of kin present, if any, the attending physician, if any, or the Medical Examiner/Coroner information and the mortuary or crematory. Contact the mortuary and they should have a file listing the location of his interment.

    Good luck, Maggie

  12. My mother, Alice May Gustafsson was buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Section V no. 4016 in November 1991. Since that time I and other members of my family have visited bi annually to care for her stone, and say prayers over her grave site. Increasingly, year by year we’re noticing terrible degradation of section V whereby the headstones are sinking to the degree of being completely covered by 2 – 3 inches of mud. Often I’ve had to bring a trowel, several brushes, cleaning agent and water to unearth and desperately clean her headstone. We also bring grass seed in the spring to fill in the bare muddy spots.
    I’ve heard of the GrassPave2 Marker stabilization project at Willamette National Cemetery and I’m hoping to learn if this program will extend to section V and if so, when will implementation begin? Is there anything I can do to augment these efforts? What steps can I take to arrest this appalling situation?
    These questions have been on my mind for some time.

    [edit] misspell

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